Friday, July 16, 2010

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Today is our last day in Hawaii. We can't believe how fast our last week has gone. We have had such a wonderful time with friends over these past few weeks-we truly feel like we got special time with everyone! I just wanted to share an update in pictures before we disappear on the road again.

An evening at the North Shore watching the sunset.

A July 4th photo of the kids at Hickam Harbor. We LOVE July 4th here...filled with rides, dancing, sailing, good friends, BBQ, and great fireworks.

My dear friend Melissa and I raced together on the 4th and walked away with 1st for the day! It was my last time racing in Hawaii and my first time with an overall win for the day-so great to end on a high note! Melissa and I learned how to sail together, then started teaching together, and what made the day even better was our 3rd team member was our awesome teacher Sandy (probably the reason why we won!). I just love the sailboats behind us sporting their 4th of July wind socks.

My boys.

Anna showing off her 4th of July tattoo.

Happy Birthday to me! My neighborhood girlfriends took me out to dinner for my birthday/farewell at one of my favorite restaurants "Schooners" which overlooks the saiboats at Pearl Harbor. It certainly was a special evening.

The last thing on our bucket list was taking a plantoon boat to the sandbar at Kaneohe Bay. We enjoyed the day with some of our neighborhood friends. It was so much fun! We enjoyed jet skiing, tubing, cannonballs off the back of the boat, cruising the harbor, and splashing around.

Asher helping Mr. Dave drive the plantoon boat.

A photo of my last sail in Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay. It was an absolutely perfect day-hardly a cloud in the sky, the mountains were crystal clear, the company amazing. I couldn't keep the tears from eyes! One of the most amazing things about Hawaii is the vibrancy of the colors around you. I know it sounds cheesy but the sky is soooo blue, the mountains soooo green, the water sparkles with colors you can't find in a crayon box. I can only imagine anywhere else seeming dull after this.
But dear Lord, I know you have many blessings in store for us on our journey and in Ohio.
Watch out Disneyland, here we come.


  1. Fantastic pics Mary! So glad you enjoyed your last week and I pray for a safe and fun trip as you travel to Ohio...see you there my friend!

  2. I am going to miss the vibrant pictures from Hawaii, you have done very well documenting your time out there. Enjoy the journey to Ohio!