Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introducing Josie Ruth Thorson

Josie Ruth Thorson
Born Jan. 21st at 8:49am

It was another emotional experience going into a c-section for the 4th time. We were very blessed with a great team of doctors, one that even prayed with us before the surgery. The recovery stage is going slowly and is always frustrating, but all worth it to add this beautiful ray of sunshine to our lives.

Josie weighed in a 7 pounds, 7.4 ozs

My favorite picture taken shortly after her birth

Josie meeting her brothers and sisters. They are constantly wanting to hold her and have been in love from the minute they saw her. They came to the hospital showering her with gifts and can't stop showering her with hugs and kisses.

Jesse was a little slow in getting it. It wasn't really until his 3rd trip to the hospital that he really acknowledged that there was a baby. Now every morning he says to me "I hold Josies?" He loves touching her face, toes, and fingers. He is a little jealous that he can't crawl in my lap with her and I do think he may have a hard time adjusting, but he is doing great so far with the big change.

Proud Daddy hasn't stopped glowing. He is smitten.

Enjoying some awake time.

All ready to go home. It sure is different bring home a January baby on the east coast compared to bringing Jesse home in Hawaii. We are constantly trying to keep her bundled up and miss the onsie and diaper only weather! Her 1st week home, she has been faced with a brother with flu symptoms, 2 siblings with monster coughs, and 2 siblings with ear infections. We just pray that she stays healthy through it all!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. More to come soon. We are so very blessed.


  1. Aww, she is beautiful. Winter babies in the cold weather is challenging. I often find myself wishing I could take Will for a walk! Sorry to hear your other kiddos are sick, I hope Mommy and Josie are able to stay healthy!!

  2. What a beautiful new Thorson! It is always fun to see who a new baby looks like, and will be a joy to watch her grow!

  3. Congratulations. Jessie Ruth is beautiful! My favorite photo of Jessie is the same as yours. I shared that photo on facebook. I would love to come for a visit sometime.
    Aunt Carolyn