Friday, March 18, 2011

Day by Day

Sorry about the lack in blogging! I have nothing really exciting to talk about (guess that is what happens when you leave Hawaii!) but thought I could catch you all up on our daily lives through photos.

Asher continues to swim with his swim team, growing in skill and confidence. It has been a source of real joy for our family. Twice he has even placed second overall in a back stroke race!

My days consist of playing with Josie and Jesse at home while the other 2 are at school. I must admit that Josie does consume most of my attention and Jesse has been a real trooper. He has always been amazing at playing by himself. However he is reaching that hard age-where tantrums reign and he has been the hard one to adjust to at the moment (not the baby)! I have finally been cleared to exercise so my IPOD running list has been used again and that time alone has done wonders to my patience at home with the 4 kids.

Who needs patience to enjoy this?! Josie started smiling around 5 weeks but you had to really work hard to get they come frequently and freely. She is sleeping a 7 - 8 hour stretch just about every night you hear the angels singing?!

Asher got a new haircut. Yes, I know you are looking at this picture and saying "what haircut?", but we really did get a lot cut off in the back. Joel and I are in disagreement...I like this style while he likes the old look. I may win since I am the one that takes him to the barber :).

The kids after a "Daddy day". Why do they never do this after a day with me?!?!?!

Joel enjoying his sweet Josie.

Anna is the best sister! She loves holding Josie and singing to her. She once even got Josie to sleep for me by singing to her for 15 minutes while I was making dinner! She has been super helpful.

and now that I am cleared for exercise, Joel and I are starting P90X next week. The kids are enjoying the pull up bar...not sure Joel and I will be "enjoying it" but that will be for another post another day.

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