Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

There are many places a woman with kids in tow dreads going...for me there are 2 places:

1)The post office
2)The grocery store

I was the main grocery shopper pre-Josie. This was not an errand I ever enjoyed as I always had at least 1 kid with me. Racing through the isles as fast as you can is always interrupted with at least 1 trip to the other side of the store for a potty break, 50 "no" you can't have that chocolate cereal or oreo cookies or potato chips or ice cream (wait that means Joel was with me too), break downs at the check out counter because they can't have a treat, smashed produce, knocking boxes off the shelves, the disappearing kid trick, and 1 exhausted mommy. For the past 6 weeks Joel has taken over this errand as I have dreaded taking Josie and Jesse together. However last week I puffed up my chest and decided "This is it. I can handle getting these 5 items with the 2 of them." Joel jokingly tells me if he doesn't hear from me in 2 hours, he is calling 911. I placed Jesse inside the cart, and Josie, asleep in her car seat, placed in the seat portion of the cart. Jesse is rearranging all my items and trying to reach for things on the shelves but I am booking it (before Josie wakes up) trying to move before he can reach anything. I am DONE-woo hoo- Feeling so proud because I have been successful and can't wait to brag to my doubting husband. Still racing around a corner, heading to the check out counter, I hit something and come to a dead stop. I can't see what it is as Josie's car seat covers my frontal vision. I peer around her to see...NO WAY...I hit a guy in a wheel chair, shaking his hand from my cart smashing it! I start apologizing profusely but he quickly moves on waving me off. Maybe he was as embarrassed as me? I felt terrible but then just started laughing hysterically. How do these things happen to me?

So yesterday, I had to go grocery shopping. A BIG trip. I left Jesse with a friend and only took Josie. We were successful...no major accidents. I was still racing trying to keep an eye on what lay ahead. I was only stopped by a nice woman asking me a million questions about Josie. I am sorry to all those grocery store chit chatters our there, but couldn't she see I was in a hurry?! She just prolonged the torture and increased the chance that Josie would wake up before I was done. But it is done and I can enjoy 7 pleasant days until the next grocery store run.


  1. Hence why I shop for 2 weeks at time and go at night...alone! I can think, compare prices, read ingredients. I first thought it was weird when I saw people with their ipod in grocery shopping...then I thought...genius! So I do that sometimes too! It's sad when grocery shopping is "mommy time" but whatever gets us through, right????

  2. I have a friend in VA who does all her grocery shopping on line and just drives by and picks up her order - sounds like heaven, huh? Unfortunatly, I don't see the commissary starting such a wonderful service anytime soon :( Miss you :)