Monday, February 28, 2011

I have a dream...

Thanks to my parents, Joel and I enjoyed a lovely date "catching up" at a local bookstore. I know this may sound silly since we are married and live in the same house but having a new born in the house with 3 other children plus a husband trying to get his Master's degree makes having an adult conversation nearly impossible. It was so nice to sit in quiet and talk without interruption. Joel and I spent that time dreaming, discussing what our dreams for our future military or post military are. My dream is relatively new (since our time in Hawaii) and has become quite consuming. It was nice to share it with Joel who was totally on board. We have no idea how long we will be in the military but when the time comes to leave it or retire, we hope to settle in that one place where we can grow old together, to invest in the house were our kids and grandkids will come visit us. We are not sure where that town is but our dream is to be on the east coast (preferably New England) in a sailing community. We want our own sailing yacht, a small one, somewhere between 28 and 36 feet, that we can take out by ourselves or with our family or friends, at our leisure. Who knows, maybe I can even teach again. When we travel, we want to travel to places where we can experience the best sailing around the world. In Hawaii I discovered this love and feel it is now in my blood. I can't imagine a future without it. I am excited about our next move to DC just because it will allow me to sail again. It is nice to imagine this future, to have a goal, to dream. I know that is all it is now-a dream. But one can have that, can't they?


  1. Love the dream Mary, and I look forward to it all becoming a reality, and riding on that boat with you :-)

  2. Ok, I know you are most excited about the sailing but I was pretty excited about the New England part!!!! Happy you had some time to dream together...