Friday, April 8, 2011

Candy Heaven

Grandma Thorson came to visit for a long weekend and what does she bring with her? Yes, candy. Not just one type of candy but just about every sweet thing you can think of: peeps, jellybeans, life savers, peach wheels, sprinkles, fruit roll-ups...all with the purpose of building peep dioramas with the kids. What is a peep diorama you ask? Yes, I asked the same thing. A cake decorated with peeps and candy to tell a story from the bible. I think this may be a new "preparing for Easter" tradition in our family as the kids had a ton of fun. We won't mention how much candy they ate in the process (or how much cake we have eaten since!).

Anna chose to tell the story of Queen Esther. (It has to be a girly Bible story of course). Neither her or Asher could zone in on the Easter story so we were a bit flexible in the stories they chose to tell.

Asher did David and Goliath. He was super creative and even made sheep out of giant marshmallows to stand next to David (since he was a shepherd). The peep you see in the foreground is holding a "Bible" (the peach wheel) since it is a Bible story, he says. I just loved how he did his characters!

And Jesse did the Ascension. His main purpose was the cover every inch of cake with candy but here he is telling his story.


  1. I'm really looking forward to that bath Jesus is making for me.

  2. I just watched the video several time! SO cute!