Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Well we all made it home safe and sound in time to enjoy a lovely Easter weekend! Of course it started out by ALL of us sleeping in until noon on Saturday after 2 days of traveling and getting in at close to midnight the night before. Coming home was harder than getting to Canada for some reason (even with the help of mom)...I was so thankful to finally be out of cars, ferries, and planes! Some of our Easter traditions had to be compromised due to traveling, but we still enjoyed our teaching moments with the kids in celebrating what Jesus did for us. On Easter morning we made resurrection rolls (the marshmallows -AKA. Jesus- while baking to leave an empty tomb in the rolls). Asher says "AWESOME-we are eating melted Jesus! Hey, Grammie! You want a grave?". Ah, how we love the words that come from children. We hope you all enjoyed a day praising Jesus and His empty tomb so we can be ALIVE with Him!

Sweet Josie, who now giggles

Asher coloring Easter eggs with his cousins


Jesse and Luke, partners in crime and best buddies now!

Our Easter egg hunt that we were able to get in between showers.

Our first family photo since Josie has been born!


  1. Your kids are getting so big! Great family photo.

  2. Josie is so cute. You have such a beautiful family!

  3. So good you were able to travel with everyone to Canada, and make it back in one piece :-) Everyone looks great!

  4. We made the resurrection rolls this year and after going through all what it meant...Josiah says, in only the way Josiah can, "I think Jesus melted!".