Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Out for a Drive

Joel parent's came out to visit this past weekend and we planned a trip to King's Island. However we chose to keep it a secret from the kids. We told them we were just going out for a drive, looking for a park to play at. They kept an eye out for parks, getting sad whenever we would pass a playground. Then Asher saw the roller coasters in the distance and understanding came over him. They were so excited! We had a lovely day intermingled with some thunderstorms (seems to be the theme of our family outings). But it made for a cool day with short lines...perfect roller coaster weather!

Asher LOVES roller coasters. He has been begging to go to Kings Island. The Vortex was his first "real" roller coaster and it was his favorite of the day. I remember Vortex being one of my favorites as a teenager. I can't believe I just let my 7 year old go on it! It has 6 loops!! Way to go my brave boy!

What I didn't know as a teenager is that there is a whole section just for kids, "Planet Snoopy". Too bad the kids really don't know who Snoopy is or any of the Charlie Brown characters. Jesse would trot on any ride without looking back, and smiled the whole time. He would have been on those big roller coasters if he could! Here is most of the gang on the "Kite Catching Tree" a mini version of a drop tower.

Josie was sure happy to sit next to Snoopy though.

Josie's one ride was the Carousel, and she laughed hysterically the whole time! The ride attendant almost didn't let her go on because she wasn't wearing shoes....seriously?!

Anna followed Asher onto any roller coaster she could go on, not about to be upstaged by him! Well, the 1st one Joel did drag her on kicking and screaming. It was one where your feet dangled and that turned out to be her favorite of the day. She was hooked after that!

The bumper cars were a favorite...they went on them about 5 times!

Jesse had a few hot dates in all the car rides :).

Jesse's 1st roller coaster. They are in the back 2 cars. He kept his hands up the whole time!

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  1. KINGS ISLAND!!! Thanks for the flash from the past, Mary. I went there as a little girl. I loved it.