Monday, August 29, 2011

School Days

Is it really possible that our oldest child is in 2nd grade now?! Here is Asher with his teacher Mrs. Hanna. He was so excited on the 1st day of school that he ran the whole way there and was the 1st one to arrive in class. He loves being with his friends again and "learning" he says. We have no neighbors or friends with kids his age so he was getting pretty bored by the end of the summer and frustrated with his siblings. We hope you have a great year Asher!

Jesse on his 1st day of preschool. A week before school started he says to me frantically "I need a backpack!". Of course you do son! How logical. So off we went and of course, he picked out a McQueen backpack. This morning he got up with Asher, tagged along behind him brushing his teeth, getting dressed and then says "Where are we going?". When we said school he was ecstatic that his day had come.

The three all ready for school.

We live 5 houses down from the school so the older 2 get to walk. Asher was super proud to be responsible for Anna. We went over all the rules...hold hands when you cross the road, stay together, etc. Of course, I tagged along on the 1st day. Asher started 1 week before Anna so it was a LONG week for Anna. Now she was so excited that she ran the whole way too!

Anna with her kindergarten teacher Mrs. Matteson.

Anna at her desk (cue a few tears in my eyes as I am tearing myself away from the classroom-they all looked so nervous!).

Now what to do with my precious few hours....

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  1. The kids are really growing up!!! That is interesting that Anna's teacher is Matteson (spelled like my maiden name) ... all the best to the kids and the school year!