Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Go Reds

We had a lovely family outing last week to see the Cincinnati Reds play the Giants (and beat the returning World Series Champs 9 to 0!). We were so fortunate to score tickets in the shade! I don't know how we would have survived without it! The kids were awesome and Asher seems to really be enjoying baseball now, following what is happening and cheering at all the right times. So we had one of the security guards take this picture and he only took 1...that is Jesse at the bottom (in the red hat).

The kids outside the ballpark.

So I had to include a picture of Jesse since he was missed in the family photo. His favorite thing about about baseball games is wearing ball caps...he wears them all the time now! He also loves the peanuts. Jesse could live on peanuts alone.


  1. I want to try a local baseball team with the kids sometime, just don't have the guts to go yet. The picture with just Jesse's cap is priceless...but he has such a great smile.

  2. Glad to see Joel has on his Red Sox shirt.