Thursday, May 3, 2012

Loopy Anna

Anna had an eventful night in the ER.  She ended up there after slipping into a wall after running through the house.  The corner/edge of the wall went in between her toes.  She ended up with a cut that needed stitches and a broken and dislocated pinkie toe.  They had to give her codeine to calm her down enough to get 2 sets of xrays, 5 local numbing shots, do the stitches, and then put her toe back in place and tape it up.  Joel captured this video...she wasn't feeling any pain at all anymore at this point!


  1. Dave and I could not stop laughing at these videos! Especially the last one! Oh my goodness, one for the books!

  2. Eric and I really got a kick out of these! We especially liked the one of her bouncing! lol Oh the power of drugs!!