Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Marathon #3

 I am pretty good at finding this podunk marathons to run.  My 1st marathon was called "24 hour Around the Lake Marathon".  It started at 7pm, went into the night, and was 8 laps around a lake.  This one was the "Potomac River Run Marathon" capped at 350 entrants and was all along a gravel bike path beside the Potomac River.  It was small with an out and back loop we had to run twice, the race director was quirky, no timing chips, and the terrain not ideal, but it was a great experience with lots of comradery between the participants.  In this photo we are walking to the start line...yes through the woods!

 My family was the BEST cheering squad.  The good thing about the double out and back loop is that they were able to park in one spot, play in the woods (watch a water moccasin swimming!), and still see me 4 times.  I counted down the miles till I knew I would see their smiling faces. It lifted my spirits every time.  Joel is a saint to support all my training and take care of this kiddos the whole race (not to mention dealing with all my pre-race anxiety and post race pain)!

 I think this is me at mile 18...you might not be able to see the wall right in front of me, but this is where I hit it.  Up to this point I was running at my goal pace...even a bit faster, but couldn't keep it up after this.  I seriously slowed down and the last 5 miles were especially painful.

 The environment was beautiful though!  I enjoyed it on the first loop but I have to admit it was a blur on the second loop.

My final time 3 hours and 56 minutes....my ultimate goal was to get sub 4 hours!!  A personal record for me! 


  1. Way to go Mary, you are awesome!!

  2. You look great, and the time was amazing! What did your training schedule look like?