Sunday, July 8, 2012

A month of birthdays...

July is a favorite month in the Thorson household (well at least for this Thorson).  This month includes my birthday, Joel's birthday, and our anniversary.  But the month begins with America's birthday-another birthday we love! We began the celebration on the 3rd with a family camp out in our backyard (my kind of camping!).

 Cooking hotdogs and Smores over our new fire pit (a birthday gift from my parents-thank you Mom and Dad!).

 Our backyard set up...the fire was quickly extinguished when a thunder storm came through.  But my family stuck it out in the tent telling "spooky" stories.  I was so proud of them!

 I of course ended up inside with Josie (I was not cut out for the 90 degree sauna that the tent became).  I was wondering around the house and found zombies at the window at around 10 pm!  Spooky!

 Josie on the 4th.  We did a backyard BBQ with our neighbors and she did face painting for the kids! Our day included corn hole, great food, sparklers, local fire works, and another late night for the kiddos.

 My kids were most excited about being allowed to have a coke.

 Just have to toot my own horn...I was pretty proud of my flag cake :). got out of order but here is Joel and I in our hot 2 person tent with the 6 members of our family!  I think we need a bigger one!

Jesse was happy in his own little corner.  Now why does he have a blanket on?!

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