Monday, July 16, 2012

More birthdays

Jesse serenaded me on my birthday :)

 Asher made me the Statue of Liberty

 and my dear dear wonderful husband sent me to a spa for the afternoon (after surprising me by taking the day off work, letting me sleep in, and serving me breakfast in bed).  It was one of those spas where you hung out in a "relaxation room" in a fluffy bathrobe, drank mimosas, AND had heated toilet seats!  Joel even had a cupcake delivered to me while I was there.  I don't know how he will ever top this birthday - it was PERFECT!

I really hate it when my birthday is over but can't whine for long as it is full swing into Joel's birthday.  He of course had to go to work (boo) so we were only able to make the evening as wonderful as we could.  This chocolate peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting and chocolate ganache helped :).  Next in cue is our anniversary!!!

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