Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mommy's point of view

August has gone by in a whirlwind.  The kids started counting down the days left until school, and I think this Mommy was more excited than the kids for that day to come!  Things that were next to impossible with 4 could now start happening again like errands and doctor's appointments, and a Mommy Day Out :).

Josie was finally able to have her 18 month appointment which resulted in a shot.  A ring pop stopped the tears but here she is clutching that ring pop ready for an early nap I guess?  That shot wore her out!

I was very nervous for Jesse on Anna and Asher's first day of school. He doesn't start preschool until Sept. 10 and I feared lots of tears and tantrums as he watched them go off.  I plan to have something special for him every day, you know Mommy and Jesse time.  However, our 1st special day ended up like this when a fever popped up and the "throw ups".

After a few days though we were able to enjoy some of our special outings like to a animal park and carousel ride :).

Anna and Asher on their 1st day of 1st and 3rd grade.  So far they are LOVING it!  It is hard to get much info out of Asher but Anna sings me every song she learns in music, acts out the gym games, writes down the names of every friend she makes, and redoes her reactions to everything.  I am very excited about the teachers they each got...I think they are good fits and each will prosper in their respective classes.  We are extremely happy with the school system here! 3rd grade seems like a bit of a change, the homework load has increased and testing now occurs.  I am a bit nervous, we seem to be learning expectations right along with Asher but pray together with us, he will flourish.

 A true Mommy's day out!  That is me above in the orange jacket.  I got hooked up with some old sailing friends here and was able to crew on a 36 foot sailboat in a race on the Chesapeake. According to the skipper, I am welcome anytime now and hope to have more days like this! It was a wonderful day and I felt all the Mommy stresses melt away as we sailed out of the harbor.  I can't even put into words how wonderful this day was. It is so great to have sailing back in my life again! We came in 5th out of 32 boots so I think we did pretty amazing!

 My 1st time at the helm of a 36-footer.  I could barely see over the wheel!
Reuniting with my past sailing buddies and Wet Hens from Hawaii Sherrill and Donna.  Donna was our hook up for this amazing sailing adventure.


  1. Your kids look so grown up! Time flies...

  2. So very glad you have had the chance to sail...

  3. Can hardly believe that our kids are getting so big! Hope this school is great. Miss you.

  4. Can hardly believe how our kids are growing! Miss you all.