Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A picking we will go

We went apple picking even though it isn't really fall yet. This was really hard for me since my idea of apple picking is jeans and long sleeves, hayrides, and apple cider...but 90 degree weather doesn't feel right for all those additions.  I guess due to the weather this summer, all produce is running 3 weeks ahead of schedule and because of my husband's obsession with Honey Crisp apples (which we have to get before the dissapear!), off we went.  It was a absolutely lovely time and now we have enough apples to last a lifetime!

 Hayride anyone?

 My pickers

 Um, my eater?

 Jesse was the master picker of the group.  I guess he just had the right perspective to see the apples and disappeared in the mass of leaves to go after his target.  He loved the challenge of finding the perfect ones.

 Asher loved the challenge of taste testing to pick his favorite (turns out to be Empires).

Storming the castle!

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