Monday, September 17, 2012

Jesse's time to shine

Jesse had a busy week!  He FINALLY started preschool.  We have been talking about his school since we moved here.  I believe he was starting to think we made the whole thing up.  I could barely contain him on the 1st day.  We were 15 minutes early because he was just sitting in the van waiting to go! He loves his school and teacher and remembers new names of friends every day.
Imagine your best "Finding Nemo" voice..."1st day of school!  1st day of school!"

He also started playing soccer for the 1st time.  He is one of the smallest ones out there but he has the best attitude and has lots of fun! His team is the Screaming Eagles. As we are walking down the field he is waving to all these kids and I say "Are they on your team" and he says "No, I know them from school".  I guess we have another social butterfly on our hands!

 Watching Jesse's game...It was a little chilly at first.

The girls keeping warm.

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