Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jesse is 5!

Jesse has been counting down the days till April 28th since Josie's birthday in January.  He understood his birthday was the next in our family and he was dutiful about crossing the days off his calendar.  He had so much anticipation but the I think the day lived up to all he imagined! The dimples were shining all day.

 Since it was Jesse's off year for a party, he got to invite 1 friend for an outing. This is his best friend Matthew - they are 2 peas in a pod! We went to a place called Rebounders...wall to wall trampolines.

 They never stopped running and jumping...they literally got to bounce off walls!

 We thought Josie wouldn't enjoy it but she was the only one who didn't even take water breaks!

 Jesse is Skylanders obsessed so of course he asked for a Skylanders cake. I was so excited to top the "portal of power" cake with the figure "Ninjini" that took me days, lots of phone calls and trips to game stores to find. She is the newest figure to come out. Jesse has been asking for her for months.

 Oh, those dimples!

He was so happy with all his gifts, more Skylanders, monster trucks, and hotwheel cars and tracks. The house has still not recovered from the toy explosion from sugared up kids.

So then he wakes up on Monday and thinks he is going to Kindergarten that day! I guess it is my fault for always saying "when you are 5 Jesse". He now tells us is a big boy and doesn't need help with things like flossing, or opening food packages, or putting his clothes on the right way...but he is still backwards 50% of the time. I hope that never changes :). Welcome to 5 my Hawaiian baby!

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