Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break

Even though the kids spring break and anticipation of Easter brought more snow and rain, we still eagerly packed up our minivan (snow gear included) to head to my parents house in WV for a week. We have all been looking forward to a break from the everyday routine. My parents had some fun outings planned for us but first we had to hit the Easter Egg hunt out our church.

 6,000 eggs spread across a field.  Um, Anna and Asher are in that madhouse somewhere. I guess the cute pictures become obsolete once they reach a certain age.

 These 2 had time to pose!

Josie was happy with one egg, and sat down to get the candy out.

 Laser tag was the longest 7 minutes! It was Joel and I vs. these 3. I would be shooting away and all of a sudden be dead, turn around and see Anna giggling.  They were fierce competition!

 And the unanimous favorite day was the one where Grammie and Poppy took them to drive go carts!

 Fun at a Children's Museum

Poppy took the boys fishing and Jesse caught his first fish! No, it was not from the pond in the background. My dad would have a heart attack if we fished in his pond!

 Grandma Thorson began a tradition with the kids a few years ago of making "peep dioramas" of the Easter story so we try to do it every year. Jesse did the last supper...too cute that he put M&Ms on the oreo table for "Jesus and his friends".

We intended on being back home for Easter but alas, Jesse started throwing up non stop so we extended our stay another dat. Anna was beside herself with worry..."what about our magic jelly beans", "we don't have our Easter baskets", and "how will the Easter bunny find us!". It was comical.  Never fear my dear, it all worked out! Mommy always has a store of magic jelly beans :).


And lollipops grew again! Joel almost gotten eaten by a giant raccoon during the "growing" process but the look on their faces in the morning makes it worth it.

We hope all our loved ones and friends out there had a wonderful and blessed Easter. In Asher's words "I can't wait till tomorrow. Jesus will rise!". A true blessing indeed.

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