Friday, September 13, 2013

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Baseball season is in full swing. No, I don't mean the Red Sox (well I do, but those are not the games we attend 2 times a week even though Joel would like!). I mean the Bats T-ball team, Jesse's new adventure. and I must say that he has been taking to it much better than soccer!

 The "pitcher" has to wear a helmet. Jesse did amazing at stopping the ground balls, and he almost caught one fly ball!  He had trouble throwing to first base though, his instinct was to chase down the player running to first. Gave us quite a chuckle. Then he actually got one runner and jumped for joy and yelled "You're out!". We had a tough time explaining that their are no outs in "Funball" as his age level is called.

 A serious runner. 

 Even though you can't see, the smile on his face was amazing. He had so much fun and is super excited about his next game.  He keeps asking me if I have washed his uniform.

Yes, his face is under there somewhere!

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