Monday, October 28, 2013

Another month goes by and Another Birthday

Wow, where did the time go?! Forgive my lack of blogging. I got a chuckle looking at my last blog, admiring my T-ball super star because in the month that has gone by since I was last here, Jesse broke his arm again and had two manipulations in the ER and then arm surgery just under 2 weeks ago, ending his T-ball season. He has been a trooper despite being in a cast for almost 3 months now! We had a few rough days and some temper tantrums over not being allowed in the neighbors jump house but now that he has a red and purple striped hard cast on, he has perked up! (We have been through 4 different colored casts now).

Finally asleep in the after many hours ad many drugs. 
I will spare you a picture of his arm (it wasn't pretty!)

And even though October brings the fall season, apple and pumpkin picking, jumping in leaves, and Halloween, we usually spend October counting down the days till Anna's birthday because she seems to think we will forget it! It was her year for a big party and she chose to have it at a local cupcake shop, Amphora Bakery. She got to help decorate her own cake, and all the guests decorated their own cupcakes and cookies to take home. 

 The party was on the mezzanine level of the bakery which allowed for everyone to watch all the bakers and decorators at work. 

 This was Jesse first outing post surgery, and even though he was high on drugs, had a great time. He wore his chef's hat for days afterward.

The cupcake decorating was crazy! How often do kids get free rein with icing? Each cupcake ended up with its own name such as "Rainbow Mountain" and "Icing Waterfall".

Even Josie got in on the action

I believe Anna felt super special this day and days afterward. I feel like we have been eating cake for a month! I hope it was as wonderful for her as it was for us. Happy 8th Birthday Anna!

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