Friday, January 11, 2008

Here lies my coffee pot

For all those who really know me, you can imagine my panic when my coffee pot died 2 mornings ago. Joel just happened to be home that morning as I am screaming and shaking the thing. It just happened to be the morning that I planned just for "me" unpacking, no cleaning, no kids for 4 hours. Just playing on the internet (which we finally have), drinking some coffee, reading, and resting. Well boy does that morning go up in smoke without a working coffee pot! BUT, it was a good excuse to finally get the coffee pot I have been wanting-one with a thermal carafe. So today, I brewed a pot of coffee in my thermal carafe and am enjoying some "me" time on my last morning without the kids. You may wonder why I have no kids. The AF pays for 20 hours of childcare when you first move so I have been taking advantage of that to get some unpacking done.


  1. How is that Hawaiian coffee? I'm looking forward to getting some when we come visit.
    And what is a thermal coffee pot? I've never heard of such a thing but I think I need one too.

  2. I'm SO SORRY!! That STINKS! Did you at least have some wheat thins in the house? Or popcorn? Something fun?? :)

  3. 20 hours of child care..... Go AF!