Thursday, January 17, 2008

Potty Boot Camp

Potty boot camp started today for Anna. First I have to say that I NEVER would have chosen this time in our chaotic lives to potty train her. For the past 2 weeks, she has been sort of potty training herself: refusing diapers, asking for princess undies, constantly demanding the potty. So we figured since we aren't too commited to outside activities right now, why not go for it. So here I find myself at the end of the day frustrated from the pee clean-up (I go straight to undies) and lack of productivity. I thought that I would be the veteran expert after surviving Asher potty training, but it is just as hard and frustrating the second time around. I am hoping that Anna will progress faster since she seemed to want this so bad! But of course, she didn't want it today. But from this picture, you can see we had ONE success at the end of the day and she was so proud of her first sticker of her sticker chart. Hopefully tomorrow, we will get 5 more on there!

Above: Asher and Anna having a tea party. I know, is this really for boys?! But hey, they had a blast.

Below: Family movie night...can you believe they have to have their own bowls of popcorn!!! They won't even share with me. Hhhmmm...where might they get that from?

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  1. It really looks like you guys are settling in! It's so good to see your smiling faces! And Caleb says, "Go Anna!!...let me know how it is and maybe I'll give this potty training thing a whirl!"

  2. Well, you are doing much better than me. Evan turns 3 tomorrow and refuses to even try to use the potty. He says, "nah, i'll just wear my diaper." I feel like Julianna will be trained before him!

    Good luck!

  3. That is TOO funny about the popcorn. Oh the memories...