Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Weekend Adventures

Joel took Friday off so we could take my mom out to see some of the island. I felt bad that she has been house bound since her arrival! So off we went to the Dole Plantation for a train ride to tour the plantation, a huge maze (which we gave up on after an hour-it was soooo hot!), and pineapple ice cream eating.

Asher and Anna being silly.

Jesse and Mommy enjoying the train ride. Jesse slept but Asher and Anna loved it-they couldn't keep still! We got to see pineapple fields as well as a bunch of other different hawaiian crops. Asher's favorite part was seeing all the big tractors and machinery.

Our first photo of the siblings :). They both love holding him.

This morning we had breakfast at one of our favorite places-a cafe right on the water at the Air Force Base. It is along the channel where all the Navy ships and submarines come in, so it is always fun when we get to see one arriving. This one is a "small" carrier.
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  1. The Dole plantation looks like so much fun, I can only imagine how good the fruit is so fresh! I am glad you mom is enjoying the time out there.

  2. Thanks for keeping up the blog Mara. I look for new pictures every Sunday!

  3. I think I was the only one who liked the pineapple plantation. I'm glad your family liked it too!

  4. Hey Mary, love reading your posts....we are coming in a couple of weeks! can you email me?

  5. You're making me crave fresh pineapple!