Thursday, May 22, 2008

Still Celebrating

Here we are still celebrating Asher's birthday. The poor kid is so confused but how great is it to have a birthday month! We had is party one week, but saved our presents for him until his actual birthday (the 20th), preschool celebrated him on another day, and presents continue to trickle in. Everyday he asks me "Am I back 3 again?" and "Am I really 4?". Despite the confusion he is still enjoying all the cakes and presents! I just can't believe he has been a part of our lives for 4 years. Time really does fly.

Asher enjoying his gift from Mommy and Daddy. We tried the bike without training wheels but that only lasted for about 10 minutes. He got so many fun outside toys for his birthday which makes enjoying life here much easier for all of us. He also got a scooter which he loves just as much as his bike. He runs back and forth between the two all day. This evening we took a family walk to the grocery store. Anna pushed her baby in a stroller next to me and Jesse while Asher darted away, "superfast" as he would say, on his scooter.

Anna and Asher enjoying cold stone ice cream-something we did to celebrate is "REAL" birthday. It was kind of cool to let them each pick there own ice cream and fillings...just another thing that shows us how different their personalities and likes are.

Asher performing with his preschool class during their end of the year program. He is on the top all the way to the the yellow shirt with a yellow mask on. It was so fun to watch-he did great! The summer has officially begun now since preschool is over until the end of August. Next year Anna will be going as well and I will get a few hours of Jesse alone time.

And here is Jesse this week. I think their faces change so quickly in the first few weeks. He still isn't smiling (except in his sleep) and I am just waiting for the first one to light up his face. He is still sleeping awesome and enjoying a bit more awake time during the day. The kids are still doing great with him. Asher told me today that he didn't want Jesse to leave us. As for me, I just pray for patience everyday since I feel very thin on it due to the sleep deprivation. And boy, I can't believe Asher or Anna were ever this small!!
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  1. Isaac still prays every night for all of you and now for "Baby Jesse." Miss you lots!

  2. Wow, who does Jesse look like? I think he is a good mix at this point!