Saturday, August 16, 2008

Go Daddy Go!!

Joel completed a 1/2 marathon today...13.1 miles!! You may be asking yourself why because for those who know Joel know that he hates running. For some odd reason, about a month ago he decided he wanted to run the Honolulu marathon in December. BUT he wanted to do it with no training, just his 3 miles twice a week that he does for Air Force physical training. I kind of laughed at him, but he was sure it was possible. So he decided to try a 1/2 marathon to kind of test the waters. The kids and I went to cheer him on. He actually did run one 7 mile run in preparation but that is it. And he finished his race in 2 hours and 7 minutes!!! He was a little dissappointed because he had some trouble on the last half, he said he was miserable, and has since decided that a marathon is not possible with his two 3 mile runs a week. The jury is still out on whether he plans to train a little and still attempt the marathon because he just keeps mumbling about how much he hates running. What an accomplishment!!! We are so proud of him! Secretly, I am happy that he didn't beat my 1/2 marathon time since I trained my batoosy off (yes, we are a very competitive couple). Also one of the sights to see along the way (besides the beach scene) was Barack Obama. Yes, I am telling the truth! He has been in Hawaii on "vacation" for the last week but was on the Air Force base this morning, and the 1/2 marathon route went right by his entourage gearing up to catch his plane. Anyways, WAY TO GO JOEL!!!

The kids gave everyone who ran by high fives, but were super excited when they finally saw Daddy heading our way. This is him at the 10 mile point...still smiling! The buses to right of the picture of part of Barack's entourage. He was right at that corner when Joel ran by.

Daddy at the finish line. I am not sure how he had the energy to pick Anna up and run across with her, but she loved it. Asher is running behind cheering for him to get his gold medal. Can you tell we have been watchin a lot of Olympics?
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  1. Way to go Joel!! And I'm glad he didn't beat your time, Mary. I need to get my training started soon.

  2. Congrats Joel! Cool Hawaii page too Mary. I love it!

  3. Good job Joel, thanks for not beating Mary :-)