Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marathon Dreams

Well I am not sure who convinced who but now Joel and I (yes BOTH Joel and I) are together training to run the Honolulu marathon on December 15. We are managing our own running during the week and then running together on the weekends. This past Sunday was our first run together. I pushed Jesse in the single jogging stoller and Joel pushed Asher and Anna in the double. Boy were we a site to see. We ran for 1 hour and the kids loved it. I still can't believe how well it went, so now we have a game plan. Is it really possible? Only time will tell. Our goal is just to complete it together; to support each other and not worry about how fast. OK, but I would really love to do it in 4 hours! So happy running to the Thorson family! Yes, we are nuts.

I will leave you with some photos. It has been a good week with some great family time. We went bowling and would you believe that Anna beat all of us! Even with the bumbers up, I did worse than her. We are heading into a 4 day weekend (woo hoo!!) with plans to attend a birthday party, go to the beach, and the kids have their one on one dates as well. I love holiday weekends.

"Don't go back to work Daddy!"

The bowling pros

Mommy and Jesse

Can't get enough of those dimples!!
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  1. Mary, that's really, really sad that Anna beat you at bowling. LOL

    Good luck with the marathon training.

  2. Good for you guys with the training, it will be good to do it together. Maybe someday Kevin will run with me too, if Joel does it with you? Maybe not :-)

  3. man, my measly little 5k must have been cake for you.

  4. How exciting! That is so great that you guys have a goal to train for together. I look forward to hearing how the training days are going! And GO ANNA with bowling!