Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I LOVE favorite month of the year. We always have so much fun on the 4th. This year we jumped between 4 parties from cook outs to making smores in the backyard with all the neighborhood kids, a day by the water, and fireworks. I sailed in a 3 hour race on the 4th while the family played at the harbor with friends and rides. I didn't win but did have a great time on the water as always when it comes to my new passion of sailing.

Don't the boats look pretty with those wind socks blowing?!

Asher having fun at the harbor.

An all time favorite ride of these 2...the spinning tea cups. Joel and I get nauseous just watching them go.

Anna always has to ride the carousel too.

Jesse's favorite part of the day was running through the sprinkler. His shirt says "all american hunk"...appropriate don't you think?

I believe that of all the kids, Jesse enjoyed the fireworks the most. With every burst in the night sky he would exclaim "ohhh, uuuhhh, wow, aaaahhhh"...for twenty minutes. It was great.

Thank you to all those out there who serve to make our country what it is today, so the rest of us can celebrate and sleep in safety. We owe it all to you!


  1. The pictures on the water are so crystal clear, and does Jesse have your skin tone Mary? His skin looks very tan!

  2. i think the tea cup ride looks more like a bathtub ride!