Monday, July 6, 2009

Midlife Crisis?

Yes, we did!!

The crazy jumpers. We went with our neighbors and good friends Nate and Rebekah Flint.

The view from about 7,000 feet. We jumped at 13,000.

Here is Mary leaving the plane with some flips..those flips were going on inside my stomach too.

Somewhat smiling...somewhat was awesome! It was a 60 second free fall. After screaming for the 1st 20 seconds, I realized I was just going to keep falling and no one could hear me anyways.

Coming in for a landing.

That was awesome!


Skydiving is something Joel and I have always wanted to do so why not right before you turn 30?! I am not sure what possessed us but we did it. Not only did I do it once, but Rebekah and I did it twice!! I know nuts...but the camera guy got screwed up and didn't go down with me during the 1st jump. I was so bummed. They offered me a free t-shirt...don't think that really compares, do you? So I got a free jump! But yes, that meant I had to go up again. I was more scared the second time but enjoyed it more. The visibility was awesome and the thrill like no other. We even went through a cloud. What a great way to see Hawaii. Now what else can we do before we turn 30?


  1. Your nuts Mary! But I did enjoy the pictures!

  2. All good preparation for when you are on the "Amazing Race"

  3. You never cease to amaze me...You also inspire me to try harder, try more, & to no longer let life pass me by. Thank you for being you...I miss our crochet days,& just talking for hours.

  4. You and Joel are crazy. But, I am glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Glad you see you guys doing all this fun stuff together while you are there. Miss ya!

  6. MIDLIFE CRISIS!!! I consider myself midlife.

    Glad you and Joel are sucking up all life has to offer in HY.
    --Uncle Bill

  7. I love that you did it a second time! Awesome. Nuts but awesome. :)

  8. I love that you did it a second time! Awesome. Nuts but awesome. :) Fun sailing with you today and thanks for the help with the boat. I hope your hand is okay!!!!