Tuesday, January 19, 2010


OK, this picture has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but I had to show it. Joel and I were able to escape to Turtle Bay Resort for 24 hours without kids (thank you Mom and Dad) and this was the view from our room. It was so awesome!!!

Now for the rest of these photos, we took an awesome hike up a steep mountain to explore 2 bunkers (aka. pillboxes) and get the most amazing views of the island. Since Anna can't beach it for a little while due to the stitches, we decided to do some other things that we needed to check off the "before we leave Hawaii" list.

We did the hike with some friends of ours. These are their kids Jack (the love of Anna's life) and Kainoa. Normally Anna would have cried this entire hike, but she was the bravest little thing since Jack was around.

Arriving at the top of the hike to one of the "pillboxes".

Jesse and Joel enjoying the beautiful mountains.

The kids exploring the bunker with Adam, Jack, and Kainoa Carvahlo.

More exploring.

and more exploring.

My boys.

Joel and Mary on top of the bunker. I could have sat here all day. It was amazing.

Tomorrow we are off to Maui for more exploring! It is whale season, which is the thing I am most excited about. Rumor has it you are surrounded by whales when you take a boat out. I am counting on that to be true! Pictures will be up as soon as we get back this weekend.

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