Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let the ER trips begin

I never thought Anna would beat her brothers in initiating me into the mother's running their kids to the ER for stitches club. After running through the living room, tripping over her own feet, and banging her head into a bookshelf (and lots of blood everywhere), we made the trip for a 2 hour wait and 3 stitches. Her blood pressure was 140/90 in triage and the nurse said "she must be a little stressed out."...geesh, you think?! There was no way to calm her down once she learned she had to get a shot in her forehead. We had to wrap her up in a sheet with a nurse holding her down, a doctor keeping her in a headlock, and another doctor giving the anesthetic. Afterward, she said "I was so brave and courageous...I only screamed a little". That is a bit of an understatement. But she did calm down enough to lay down on her own while they stitched her up. She was so happy that God was with her and that Mommy sang jingle bells 500 times (that was what she requested!). The poor girl must have inherited her mother's clutzy gene but she beat my first trip to the ER by a couple of years (I believe I was in elementary school).

Anna still a little droopy after getting home from the ER. OK, Survivor watchers, can you say "SHAMBO"?!

She is awful proud of these babies now and says that she never wants them to come out!

I think she is going to play this up over the next few days, don't you?

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  1. Wow Anna! You sure did take a fall. You're grandpa got stiches on his head when he was about your age. Love, Grandpa Thorson