Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family Fun

We have been having such a wonderful time with Joel home....not just with celebrating the holidays but with everything! We have had wonderful breakfasts, family bike rides, playing outside, going to the beach, sleeping in (well I am the one enjoying that)! Joel goes back to work on Wednesday and I think I may cry at the reality of settling back into real life. But at least he is coming home at the end of the day...woo hoo!!! Here are just some fun pictures of the last few weeks.
That is Air Force 1 in the background, 1 minute from our house, where it sits everyday waiting to take the 1st family home after their vacation.

Asher helping Anna learn how to use her new roller skates.

How cute is this?!?!

Asher leaping into Daddy's waiting arms. We found this secluded beach with tide pools and a log to jump off on while Joel was on deployment. Both Anna and Asher have jumped off repeatedly and couldn't wait to take Daddy there and show him.

My boys.
(this is Jesse's "say cheese" just cracks me up).

The climbers.

Handsome Asher (he says he wants his hair long again so we are attempting to find some hairstyle that works).

Jesse loved playing in the tide pools...his own personal sized swimming pool.

The girls.

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