Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Auntie Mara for Mother's Day

Auntie Mara arrived last week to spend some quality time with us before heading back to do mission work overseas for another 4 years. The kids were ecstatic to see her and pretty much tackled her with a lei at the airport. Of course the first question they ask anyone arriving with a suitcase "Do you have presents for me?". It is terrible but they were not disappointed! But truly her presence was the best gift of all.

Unfortunately her visit was mostly spent house bound since Asher became very ill and this picture is how I rang in Mother's Day at midnight in the ER. Asher had a fever of 104. All is well now but seriously I have had enough of the ER!! Despite being sick and house bound, I had a WONDERFUL mother's day full of lots of snuggles.

Finally with Asher on the mend we were able to get in some sailing...

...shave ice...

...snorkeling and beach time. Do you see the shark in this picture?

This video was one of Jesse's favorite things to do with Auntie Mara. Mara, thank you so much for investing time and money in to coming to see us. We love you!

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  1. Poor Asher, but the picture with you two cuddling is precious. Glad you had a great Mother's day with family!