Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Asher!

Asher had a birthday party that I believe every little boy dreams of - playing with legos at the Lego store! We gathered 7 of his buddies for a Lego extravaganza.

The kids had an area all to themselves...a table full of legos for a "guided build" or free build time.

Asher and his friend Ethan built medals.

Then the kids got to fill a happy meal sized box up with legos of their choice to take home.

and of course no party is complete without a group picture and a chorus of "Happy Birthday"!

with the added bonus of lego cupcakes (carrot cake cupcakes-Asher's favorite)

and the opening of presents.

Joel and I gave him our gift when we got home (after a dinner or orange chicken and rice-his favorite food). He was the happiest little boy! A day full of favorites...what can anybody else really wish for on their birthday!


  1. What an incredible birthday party Asher!

  2. Happy Birthday Asher!! You have some great birthday party ideas Mary, looks like you all had fun.