Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

Anna has now completed a year of tap and ballet classes. Shes till adores it and loves being on the stage. They did a tap dance to "We are Siamese" for their end of the year show.

And no performance is complete without flowers for the star. Asher couldn't wait to give her the flowers when she was done.

A few days later was Asher's kindergarten graduation. His school did a great job marking this accomplishment. Here the principal is giving Asher his "diploma".

Can't believe he is going into the 1st grade now!!!

Anna was so happy to present him with a lei at his graduation...we are going to miss this Hawaii tradition..think we can find leis in Ohio?

The same day Anna graduated from preschool. In Hawaii, she would be moving on to Kindergarten but misses the age cut off by a few weeks in Ohio. Thus she will be going into "pre-kindergarten" there 5 days a week. We worked hard at getting her excited about this. What will I do with all my time with 2 kids in school full time!!??!!

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