Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Day in Baltimore

Last week, Asher had an appointment in Baltimore. Joel took the day off so we could play tourists for the day!

We spent the day exploring the inner harbor of Baltimore. 

 We toured 3 historic ships, a submarine, and a lighthouse during our afternoon. Asher's favorite was this one, the U.S. Constellation where we got to see them fire the cannon.

 The kids loved climbing the bunks in the last floating survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack. I don't think I could sleep on those things!

 Show me your shark face! Joel had a hard time navigating inside the submarine. It gave us a new appreciation for our Navy sub friends!

 Climbing to the bridge of a Coast Guard ship that use to serve as a "lighthouse" light ship to guide boats into the harbor.

 Enjoying crab cakes (well I enjoyed them...everyone else turned up their noses).

It was a happy day!

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