Thursday, June 6, 2013

Race Season

Race season continues with everyone but me. I really don't like being in this position. Even after I thought I had dealt with the feelings, I find they resurface every time the starting bell rings and I watch the crowds that include my kids, husband, and friends go by me. I have learned many thing in the process, but still wonder why God has to break me to get me to listen. I have loved cheering for all those dear to me. I have learned that the races aren't always about how fast you finish or the PR, but also about the friendships and joy of running. I am humbled by the lessons and can't wait to put them into practice! Although I survived a couple spinning classes this week, one step on the treadmill proved too much pain to bear so I will still be on the sidelines cheering for awhile. Asher has his eyes set on a few races this summer!
 Anna ready her her 1st 5K!

 Asher at the finish line for his 2nd 5K. He finished in 28:45 this time after a brief fall along the way. Still smiling the whole way!

Anna at the finish line. Her time was 31:53. She is not as enthusiastic about it as Asher but I believe she enjoyed the race and would like to continue on in this adventure. Only time will tell.

 My dear running buddies from Ohio Susy and Catrina finishing the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon hand in hand. Yes, this photo still brings tears to my eyes. We all moved from Ohio last summer after running together 2 to 3 times a week for a year, including many coffee dates and marathon training long runs. It is amazing how well you get to know one another when you get hours on uninterrupted conversation on the trail. We made a commitment to each other to run a race together every year. Susy and I strong armed Catrina into flying to DC from Montana for this race and then my ankle happened.  And then poor Catrina...coming from 50 degree Montana to 92 degree heat wave for a race that became all about friendship. Catrina (as well as many other runners) suffered dehydration during the race, doesn't remember the last mile, passed out as she crossed the finish line, and had to be carried to the med tent. It wasn't a PR, it wasn't even that pretty, but it was a time together none of us will forget! Hopefully next time I will be finishing next to them.

The course was beautiful and finished in a winery where we got to enjoy wine tasting from 19 different wineries among the grapevines.  
I had to dress like a runner to fit in :). 
I think the flip flops gave me away.

Joel ran too!!  He says he stopped sweating at mile 9 and swears to me that he will never run another half marathon ever! For some reason, he always blames me for this things?

Catrina's farewell coffee date with Susy and I. Starbucks is a must with this crowd :). What a wonderful time of conversation and blessings. I can't wait till the next time! 

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