Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Points

Summer is here! That means enjoying the sunshine,

getting dirty, 

 trips to the playground,


and many many pool days.

However, I think I am like most moms who are thankful that we are done forcing homework and drilling spelling words for the year, but are already wishing for September! I felt so lost the 1st week of summer, and overwhelmed with the number of times the doors slammed as kids came in and out tracking dirt with them, the constant need for something to do, the fights that never stop, and the disruption on a normal routine. Have I ever told you I am a little OCD...just a little. 

Somehow I muddied through the 1st week and in the process begin developing our "summer points" system.  The kids earn points for reading, writing, mathwork, outdoor exercise, learning to cook certain items, playing board games together, learning life skills, and challenging themselves. Every so many points, they earn prizes culminating in the big goal...a trip to Busch Gardens! It has been 2 days since we have started the system and it has been the most amazing 2 days! 

 The kids have spent an hour drawing, another 30 minutes playing candy land together (happily!). Asher has already done a full load of laundry without any prompting (yes that means to washer, to dryer, folding and putting away). They are making their own lunches and planning scavenger hunts. They are constantly checking their list of ways to earn points and then they are off.

Even Jesse has been enjoying independent play time and cut his own food!

Can this really last all summer?!?!


  1. Great idea...love it! Welcome Summer!

  2. Loved the photos and to learn about your summer. Love from Aunt Carolyn

  3. I loved the photos and to learn about your summer. Aunt Carolyn

  4. I laughed out loud, we are trying the chart system too this summer! So far it is working well, but I am just struggling to figure how many stickers deserve what type of reward. Looks like you all are going to really enjoy the summer!