Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lost in Boxes

It is finally happening. Our lives are being packed into boxes, put in crates, and taken away. The movers have been here since Tuesday and we feel like it is a never ending process. Even though we are very thankful we don't have to pack ourselves, it is still very frustrating to watch strange men handle all your things. And then I always realize about an hour too late that I didn't want them to pack that certain thing because I still need it! Oh well. But the thing I find the most frustrating is what they won't pack up. The other times we have moved, we have traveled by car to our new home so we could carry with us those random things. Now I am grieving over my candles, lotions, and bubble baths. I have about 5 bottles of Bath and Body Works bubble baths (you know-not cheap!) and all of them were left behind. I took a bubble bath last night just because I had to use some of it! But it was perfect having a nice long bubble bath on our last night in our blue house in Dracut, MA. Anyways, anyone need some bubble bath?

1 comment:

  1. Mail them to yourself! The reason they won't pack them is b/c there could be damage to the other HH goods while they are in transit. You can totally mail them to yourself and get reimbursed for the postage as long as you are under on your weight limit.