Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Shaving Cream Disaster

The kids went to bed at the normal time-7:30pm, and Joel, my Mom, sister, and I sat down to a nice evening of game playing. Around 8:30, my sister says "Wow, the kids sure are quiet tonight"...normally it takes a little while to get them to sleep with them all in real beds and sleeping in the same rooms. But hey, my kids go to bed pretty easy so I wasn't worried. Then around 9:30pm, we hear Asher and Anna both wailing at the top of the stairs. HHmmm, that is strange....and what did we find?!? Two kids covered, and I mean COVERED, head to toe in shaving cream. In their hair, all over their faces, chests, legs. We start to laugh despite the tears and head to get the camera when we notice Anna standing in a pool of blood. Needless to say all camera thoughts went out the window. It took quite a long time before we discovered the chunk of skin missing from her pinkie toe...there was just so much blood. After 3 days, it still will start bleeding uncontrollably when we change the bandage. But thankfully there wasn't a more serious injury. No stitches required and no appendages missing. The "blood trail" in our bedroom indicated that after destroying most of the room, they found a can of shaving cream (now empty) and a razor from my suitcase and decided to try and shave....can you imagine if Anna tried to shave her face?! My mom has a trail of blood on her carpet in 2 of her rooms...huge spots in certain places. Where are the CSI people to tell us how to get blood out of a carpet? You would think something much more serious happened. This morning, Asher saw a can of shaving cream and asked me what is was. I said "shaving cream", and he says "I don't like shaving cream Mommy". Yeah, I bet he doesn't!! What a laugh. In retrospect, I wish we had gotten that picture, but you will have to use your imaginations!!

Tomorrow is the big day...next blog will be from Hawaii!

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