Saturday, December 1, 2007


Here we are in paradise so many would say. We arrived here on Nov. 29th with 2 very cranky kids, but overall they were very good and patient over the long flight. It rained our entire 1st day here (which was yesterday) so today is really the 1st day we have been able to enjoy the island, and it certainly is beautiful. We are staying in an Embassy Suites right on the beach in Waikiki and the hotel is just amazing...absolutely tropical. The pool has a kiddy pool which has been great for the kids, live music every morning and evening, an awesome free breakfast, and our room is amazing. I have never stayed in anything like it. We are here indefinately. As of right now, we are #1 or #2 on the list to receive housing on base which could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. We will know more on Monday but we are praying for a home to become available within 2 weeks. We have already all been living in the same room for 2 weeks, and I am not sure how much longer we can handle it! Poor Asher keeps asking for his new house but at least we have the pool to distract him. Joel does have to go in bright and early Monday morning but only for a short day...he will get about 8 days off in order for us to look for a rental home, which we are required to do for the military to pay for our hotel stay until housing is available. It is all a bunch of hoops to jump through.
But as for Hawaii, it is beautiful. I believe I have been very tough in my judgement because I am still dealing with the emotions of leaving the only home Joel and I have known together. I cried almost the entire 1st day here...a strange thing to do in paradise. I think I am still in denial that we are here for good, it is not a vacation, and we are not going back. I can't pronounce any of the street names-let alone guess at a pronounciation! Joel says "well it was like that in Boston too"...hehe. But even here, we aren't even sure of what a stranger says to us when we ask for directions. All the buildings, even the mall, are open with no real doorways or even ceilings! Quite a culture shock but everyone we have encountered has been very very nice. The Air Force Base is beautiful too. It will just take time to adjust to this way of life (and the time change). I even forget it is December with Christmas coming until I see the decorations up somewhere. Thank you dear friends for your encouraging emails and prayers, your friendship and words lift my spirits so much.

I will leave you with some pictures...yes Picariello's, we went to Duke's and had the Hula Pie today-it was everything you said it would be, and we couldn't help but think of you.


  1. The pictures look so beautiful! And here we are with a dusting of snow on the ground. Have you tried the coffee over there yet?!

  2. Love the hula pie! Hope you had a piece for us! And, we got 4-5" of snow this morning. Rick had to shovel- miss Boston that much???

  3. Love the hula pie! Hope you had a piece for us! And, we got 4-5" of snow this morning. Rick had to shovel- miss Boston that much???