Thursday, December 13, 2007

So Many Praises

After 2 somewhat hazy weeks in Hawaii, unsure of what our future here really looked like as far where we were going to live, we felt God telling us "I told you I would take care of you!". We spent an agonizing week "house hunting" and debating so many issues that came with each. And then today, God's hand gave us a big squeeze when the impossible became possible. We got the call that there is a house available for us on base when we were told before it would be months. It isn't exactly what we wanted or expected in a house, but it is a house on base which is the only place we wanted to live, and it does have 4 bedrooms and a fenced in backyard for the kids. We are so happy that this issue is solved now. We can't move in until Jan. 2nd so we are trying to think of some creative ways to celebrate Christmas in our hotel.

Other big praises...we paid our car off today!! We have been working towards this for a year now and sometimes it felt like we are going nowhere. But we made it!! Our only debt left is our school loans so we are ready to start plucking away. And Asher wrote his name for the 1st time today. We were at a restaurant for dinner, and him and Anna were just coloring. And he just did it! Proud mama I am...I folded that menu up to save.
We have also had some nice family time taking time to explore the island. We hiked to the top of Diamond Head crater which is what these pictures are from. Asher hiked the whole 1.5 miles by himself but Anna got the best seat around-Daddy's shoulders.

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