Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Some Hawaii Experiences

Climbing a cool tree in a local park

Anna and Asher at a luau

Anna and Mary learning how to hula

Asher loving the beach


  1. You have got to try the Prawns on the North side of the island!

    I am really bummed that I had so much work to do in Athens, and I never made it down to see you while you were here.

    I guess that means that we will have to come visit sooner than expected.

    Hopefully you get into a house soon... although, you lose the maids that make your bed and do your bath towels everyday.

    I am sure everyone tells you this, but when you go to Hanauma Bay, go EARLY! it is worth it! Hillery and I went at 5:45 and we were the first ones (group) in the bay. When we left at like 9am, the parking lot was closed to new cars because it was full.

    I pray that God leads you to a new church family. I always think that finding a new church is the hardest thing about moving, especially when you are so involved and committed to the church you just left. May He make it a smoothe transition.

    In Christ,
    -Matt, Hillery & Amelia

  2. If I want to feel warm, I will check out your blog Mary! Love and miss you, Morgan

  3. Your experience in Hawaii reminds me of the our past Christmass in Ecuador. We usually made a trip t the beach the week before Christmas and we were back home in the Mountains for Christmas Day.

    Mm and I are praying that the Lord directs you to the right housing.