Sunday, November 18, 2007

Temporary Address

Today is our last day in MA. Tomorrow we head out for the long drive to WV where we will get to spend Thanksgiving (and Christmas in our own way) with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and my niece and nephew. I am sure it will be a wonderful time. Then we fly to Hawaii on the 28th. So for the next 9 days or so I will be in the land of dial-up internet service which means I have no idea how much blogging I will be able to do. Our address for the time being is...

General Delivery
90McChord St
Unit 5000
Hickam AFB, HI 96853

my cell: 339-223-2730
Joel's cell: 339-223-2765

emails: and

We are renting our home so much to Asher's delight, we still have our blue house for the time being. Maybe God is holding it for us until we come back ;). I will write more from WV or HI. Aloha!!


  1. I'll be eagerly awaiting your return to the blogging world. Have a good time with your family and a safe trip to Hawaii. We'll call you when you get there.
    Say hi to Asher and Anna from Auntie Amanda and Uncle Caleb.

  2. Wow, friend...there are so many emotions you are feeling. It's been just four months since I did the same, and I know that it is hard. Thank you for being faithful in where God has called you--as a missionary supported by the USAF. I know it isn't easy, but God is FAITHFUL and has already gone before you to prepare the way for your life in Hawaii. Have a blessed time with your family!!!

  3. It's Thanksgiving morning and I'm sitting here missing all my kids and grandkids but proud of all of them! We are praying for you as you get ready for your new adventure in Hawaii. Love, Dad and Mom Thorson