Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!!

Family photo outside of church this morning. We were hoping to make it to the sunrise service but we barely made it to the 8am service (we were 10 minutes late!). Anna woke us up at 6:30am this morning by running in the room and exclaiming "It's Easter! I want eggs! Jesus loves me!". We were so shocked. We have been spending the week talking with Asher about Jesus's sacrifice and reading Easter books, and we never really thought Anna would have been picking it up as well. It is pretty cool to see them both learning more about Jesus and knowing it isn't ALL about the Easter eggs and baskets.

Here the kids are enjoying their Easter baskets. Anna received a new princess book and my little ponies. Asher got sunglasses and a sword (I know seems silly, but he has really been wanting one! It is his favorite gift from his basket.) And then they both got bubbles and tattoo kits which they are showing off in this picture.

Here is the big Easter egg hunt in our backyard (notice the NICE grass!!! This was the 1st time the kids have been able to play out there and it was great). We had 8 kids here for the hunt. 2 families joined us for Easter...both wives with 3 kids and husbands away. They were really on my heart as the holiday approached and we were so happy they decided to spend the holiday with us. It made cooking my 1st Easter dinner much more eventful! It was complete chaos for 2 straight hours, but what a great afternoon we had. And the food didn't turn out too bad.
And here the kids are enjoying coloring Easter eggs with their friends at a playgroup last week. I have just joined this playgroup and it is so nice to see the kids making new friends that they recognize and look foward to seeing each week.

We hope you all also had a wonderful Easter holiday celebrating with those the Lord brought around you.
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  1. It sure is fun to see the pictures of your Easter celebration! My team got together on Saturday and the kids had a big Easter egg hunt. I am so happy to have some other kids around to celebrate the holiday with as I am soooo far away from you all. I am so thrilled that Asher and Anna know the real meaning of Easter. You and Joel deserve a pat on the back for "training them in the way they should go." I love you all!

  2. Happy Easter. Wonderful family picture!