Monday, March 17, 2008

Hope, Something to smile about

Yesterday was a terrible day, a day where I felt defeated, and lost with nowhere to go. I have no other way to describe it. Joel and I found out that our renter, after we had uncovered some lies, deserted the house with a damaged basement, without a word, breaking our contract and leaving us behind on 2 months rent. We have no way of finding her. The house has to be fixed, mortgage has to be paid, and we have to revamp a plan for the future of this house. It has been a soul-crushing, finacial planning diasaster, and eye-opening experience for us that we are a bit unsure of the way out. But this morning, I found this flower and budding leaves on the hibiscus in my garden of dead leaves and sticks. There is hope. God is in control and will work this too out for our good and His glory.

And Asher gave us this to smile about. His first drawing of Thomas the Train. We were so impressed and he was so proud. God has given us much to be thankful for despite other things that we don't understand.
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  1. I'm oh so sorry about the renter fiasco. Great Hibiscus! Yes, God is in control and he will give you wisdom. I just prayed for you.
    Aunt Carolyn

  2. Heart hurts for you as you guys have lots on your plate already- God's strength is Sufficient though to get you through..

    Way to keep looking for God's gifts surrounding you- like your beautiful flower! Julia and i had a hard day today but tonight as i took her little face in my hands God gave me a glimpse back to when she was just two years old and I felt him saying, "hold on.. time is going so fast!"
    i'll be praying for you and your circumstances...

  3. My eyes teared up as I read your blog. I will be asking that He give both you and Joel wisdom. What a tough situation to be in... I think of you all often and will continue to do so as I talk to our Father.