Saturday, March 1, 2008

Welcome Home Daddy!!

The jailbird arrived home safely on Friday. The kids were so excited to go to the airport and pick him up. All week, we prayed that the Lord would keep him safe while he was away and when Friday came and it was time to go, Asher said "and Jesus kept him safe so we can go get him!". It is pretty neat to see them starting to understand things like that.
After coming home though, the weekend has been busy with yard and beach trips this weekend! Many of the houses around us are being torn down in phases so we went and dug up flowers from houses scheduled to be demolished and moved them into our garden. I really wanted to show you a picture of that, but the poor flowers are traumatized and I am praying they come back! We also pilaged some ceiling fans from a house too..hehe. And I have convinced Joel to paint so hopefully that will happen this week. We just decided to make this house "our own" so that maybe it won't feel so much like someone else's apartment. Picking out paint colors is always so scary and we wanted something different from our house in Mass. So, yes, I chose my colors based on Stamping Up colors so hopefully the color wheel won't let me down!
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  1. Glad to hear your week went well and Joel sucessfully got out of jail! HA! Miss ya!