Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jesse Joel Thorson

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures Joel posted earlier this week, but of course I just have to post more with a few more details to answer those burning questions!! I went into labor Sunday night, and we went to the hospital early Monday morning once we were sure it was the real deal. Since it was my 3rd c-section, I am really not supposed to endure labor due to the risk of my uterus rupturing from the previous incisions. Jesse was born at 12:20pm so I did have to endure labor for 6 hours...6 hours more than I would have liked! I was a big baby about it. Maybe it was all mental because I had determined that I didn't have to deal with labor pains and I wasn't very happy about the waiting game. The last half an hour, the anastegialogist gave me something so I was high as a kite until it was surgery time. The surgery went so great and Jesse arrived healthy. The healing process has been going well for me and we were happy to bring the newest Thorson home this afternoon. Big brother Asher and big sister Anna can't get enough of their little brother and we have to have a protective barrier around him at all this point in time, Grammie is that protective barrier :). I am sure I will be posting more pictures in the next few days.

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  1. Awww...congrats Mary & Family. I remember when we brought Julianna home I thought the boys would end up smothering her to death. They would try to pick her up and everything. I was a nervous wreck for little while before normalcy set in and everyone was used to her. Take care of yourself and I look forward to the pictures and seeing Jesse grow!

  2. These pictures definitely get me excited about having a third child! I love them! And he is cute....