Monday, April 7, 2008

No snakes...

...but we do have these lovely things!! I was so excited to be moving to a place where I would never have to face my biggest fear...snakes. In Hawaii, there are poisonous centipedes. Oh lovely. In the 4 months we have been here, I have heard numerous stories of friends finding these in their houses, children stepping on them and getting stung, friends getting bitten in bed. Enough to make me pretty scared of ever seeing one of these babies, but I was beginning to believe it was all a fable. Then I finally saw one! Not just one, but 5 on one day!! Aren't they the creepiest looking things? If a child under 7 gets stung by one of these, you are supposed to take them to the ER. Their stings are supposed to be extremely painful, and if you step on it, it can curl up and still get you. The only way to kill them is to chop them in half with a shovel or something. So how do you teach a 4 year old who loves bugs to keep away from these horrible things?! Now I am extremely paranoid about the kids having their shoes on outside.

Besides bugs, Joel's alarm clock almost met its death this week. He decided to go to work early one morning leaving what I thought was his alarm clock still set. It started ringing at 5:45am. I was banging every button imaginable and it still wouldn't stop. I eventually unplugged it and it was still ringing!! So I start looking for a battery compartment and am getting pretty mad. Right when I am about to literally throw it against the wall, I realize it is his cell phone alarm sitting on the night stand. The alarm clock was saved but not my sanity.

And on a good note, we have another friend from college Robert Jordan visiting this week for work (who we haven't seen in about 5 years). He was so patient with the kids tearing his velcro uniform patches off during out entire lunch visit (thank you Robert!). We are looking foward to spending some time with him and his lovely wife this week. It is amazing how many old friends we are getting to see here where we thought we would never see anyone!!
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  1. I hear the cockroaches are pretty big too!! Kevin's cell phone alarm has been going off early for the past few days from his trip last week, so I have some sort of idea how crazy that can be.

  2. I love your blog!
    Aunt Carolyn