Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunny Bag Hawaii Sale

This past weekend, I had an experience unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. Some ladies in my bible study invited me to go to this "Sunny Bag" sale on Saturday and once they explained it to me, I had to see it for myself. Sunny Bags are a hot item here in Hawaii. They are designer purses, bags, backpacks, cosmetic cases, etc...kind of like Vera Bradley. They usually run anyway from $50-$100 to purchase. Twice a year they have a huge sale where the prices are never higher than $20. So I guess for those Vera Bradley lovers...can you imagine what you would do if Vera Bradley had a sale like that? SOOOOO...we met at 6:15 am to arrive in line at 6:30am. The sale didn't start until 8:00am and there were already hundreds of women in line ahead of us! I brought my beach chair and plopped down :) ! We were handed trash bags while waiting in line and then we entered this huge warehouse filled with boxes. Women were just running everywhere, digging through the boxes, throwing purses into their trash bags. You had to grab anything you even remotely liked because it wouldn't be there if you went back. Then our group went to a corner and looked through what we all grabbed, and THEN decided what we really wanted. It was NUTS!!! Women were ruthless. For those "Friends" lovers out there-it reminded me of the wedding dress episode when Monica went to the big New York wedding dress sale to get her dress. We seriously needed whistles too!! I was scared, but it was fun, and I got a nice nap when I got home. The first picture above is me and some of the girls after we finally made our purchases, and the other picture is the warehouse of boxes and women.

And here is a shoutout to my dear dear girlfriends back in Mass. Thank you thank you thank you for my "Babe Day in a Box". We celebrate each other's pregnancies by pampering the pregnant mom and celebrating her for a day...hence the name "babe day". You gals are the best and will never be replaced in my heart!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the Dunkin Donuts coffee every morning now :). Boy, do I miss Dunkin Donuts!
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  1. That sounds like so much fun and I'm sure you got some great stuff! And we are so glad we could make your day with "Babe Day in a Box". Take a picture with all your goodies to show us!